What’s our philosophy at Alwayswhiteteeth.com? Simply put it is to bring affordable, convenient, quality teeth whitening products right to your door.

A couple years back I thought to myself, “Why do I wait until my teeth are yellow and stained before I whiten them, and why does it have to be so painful when I finally breakdown, crack open the wallet, and hand over $50.00 to $150.00, depending on how rich I feel at the moment or how important the occasion is that finally drove me to the painstaking task.”

There had to be a better way………… Alwayswhiteteeth.com

I told a friend about the idea, he said “let’s do this!”, and then the work began.

We started doing research about teeth whitening products and kits, and about the best teeth whitening gel formula to use. We spent hundreds of hours researching prices for teeth whitening products all the way from our local grocery store to an endless array of products on the Internet.

We purchased and tested many teeth whitening products and accessories from strips to pens, whitening gels, teeth whitening lights, mouth trays, and remineralizing gels and found that many of the products we bought worked well, but the price was crazy and some products weren’t the quality we were looking for regardless of the low price.

Now the conundrum, how do we offer a quality product we would be proud to sell, but at a price everyone can afford?

Now started the next round of research……Manufacturers, packaging, shipping costs, quality control, office space, website, marketing, and on and on…

The best part of the story is we finally found the quality teeth whitening and remineralizing gel products we needed. By negotiating and investing in many thousands of units of our teeth whitening gels, accessories and packaging we could keep the price down to make it affordable for everyone.

We believe in quality products at a fair price, excellent service, and convenience for our customers.

Give us a chance to earn your business and we promise to take of you.
– Donald Booth, CEO