Oh my god! Finally, a product that works for my sensitive teeth! I’ve always had a hard time whitening my teeth because they were so sensitive when I was done. The Reminerlizing gels that comes with the kit works great! I could drink my morning coffee without feeling a thing! Thanks Always White Teeth!

Amy K. NY

I was a bit disappointed when my kit didn’t arrive after I waited for five days…..BUT, when I emailed customer service, they sent a new kit Priority Mail AND sent me free charcoal powder for the inconvenience! Old fashioned service is back with Always White Teeth! Thanks!

Amber L. OR

Great products, great service! I loved the results I got with this kit!

James R. FL

Teeth whitening made easy. I ordered the complete whitening kit with the monthly refill and couldn’t be more pleased! When they say “Pennies a day” they mean it.

William M. MN

I don’t usually write reviews, but Always White Teeth deserves one! I love the deluxe kit with the whitening charcoal! A co-worker even noticed my new smile!

Jenny H. CA

All I can say is YES! Teeth whitening made easy.

David H. MI

I liked the “Our Story” page on your website! It’s nice to see that a company cares so much about customer service! Oh ya, the products are exactly what you said they’d be!

Sara M. TX

The video on the home page of your website really hit home! It’s exactly how I felt every time I went to buy teeth whitening kits! Great products, great results!

Devon S. MI

It’s true, It’s all true……I have white teeth every day and I never have to worry about dingy teeth again.

Darren G.