Looking in the mirror, you notice something’s up with your smile. Turns out, your pearly whites are showing signs of discoloration!

Before you start to panic, you schedule an appointment to see your dentist. Once they’ve whitened your teeth, you’re hit with a hefty triple-digit bill. Surprisingly, a teeth whitening session done at the dentist’s office costs an average of $650.

So you can start keeping your wallet plump, preventing discoloration can be as simple as changing what you drink. That said, let’s go over the best and worst drinks for your teeth.

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Worst Drinks for Your Teeth

Let’s just rip the band-aid off by getting into the nitty-gritty of the worst drinks you can choose. To keep your teeth looking white and pearly, avoid these four beverages.


It’s no surprise that soda is high on this list. All those soft drinks are filled with sugars and acids that eat away at your enamel.

Next time you crave a pop, rinse with water afterwards. This way, you lessen the amount of sugar and acidity that’ll stick to your teeth.


Everyone’s favorite pick-me-up is unfortunately on the worst drink list. And the darker the roast, the more it’ll stain your teeth.

To prevent discoloration, sip it through a straw and try out some of the lighter roasts.

Most Alcohol

Those who enjoy a cold one after work or those who unwind with a glass of wine should know what makes them relax also takes a toll on their pearly whites. Just like soda, it’s mostly the sugars that contribute to damaging the teeth.

Not mention that alcohol reduces the amount of saliva your mouth produces which spells bad news for teeth.

Best Drinks for Teeth

If your favorite go-to drink has made it on the worst list, consider these good alternatives that’ll also keep your chompers in good condition.


Not only does milk benefit your body but it’ll keep your mouth in good shape as well. Loaded with teeth-loving calcium and vitamin D, these work together to keep your teeth strong. Not to mention milk has caseins–a type of protein that’ll protect the enamel.


For those who prefer teas in place of coffee can rejoice to know this is the better choice for their teeth. You’ll still get a healthy dose of caffeine without those unsightly stains.

It’s best to avoid black tea, though, as this will lead to discoloration.


It’s no surprise that water is beneficial to teeth. Since it keeps the mouth hydrated, that allows more saliva to be produced which means there are more protective minerals that’ll keep teeth healthy.

Keep Your Teeth Looking White

Rather than pay another hefty bill at the dentist’s office, changing what you drink can make a major difference in the appearance of your teeth. By avoiding the worst drinks for your teeth, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your teeth bright and shiny cheaply.

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