Are you looking for an easy way to make your pearly whites even whiter?

Whether you’re dealing with coffee-stained incisors or craving a brighter grin, it can be difficult finding teeth whitening solutions. But if you’ve got a smile to share, it deserves to be sparkling.

A lot of people turn to teeth whitening kits for assistance. While these definitely can help, it’s also possible to achieve a brighter smile simply by choosing the right shade of lipstick.

Here are the lipstick shades you should prioritize when you stock your cosmetics bag next to ensure a whiter smile!

1. True Cherry Red

Cherry red lipstick is often every woman’s staple when it comes to eye-catching lipstick shades. But this luscious hue can actually add dimension to your lips and facial contrast, creating the illusion of more lustrous enamel.

Look for classic cherry red when browsing shades and think Marilyn Monroe to embrace the power of this teeth-whitening color.

2. Deep Plum

Plum or violet-toned lipstick may not be for you, but it could be the secret to a brighter grin. Choose a deep plum hue or opt for a lipgloss with tints of violet for automatic teeth whitening.

Some shades of pink also have undercurrents of plum–these should also do the trick.

3. Baby Pink

Much like its cherry red counterpart, baby pink can illuminate the contours of your lips and give your teeth a similar brightness. Choose bright, flashy tones, particularly ones that don’t come across as dull or flat (as in rose or dusky pinks).

Swipe some lip gloss over the top for added whitening effect.

4. Candy Apple

The Snow White of lipstick shades, candy apple can give a distinct dimension to your mouth, complementing other natural facial pinks and drawing attention to your pearly whites.

Opt for candy apple hues that have more pink in red in them to ensure you’re making the most of this alluring color.

5. Wine Red

Think Malbec or Merlot for this lipstick shade. These deep, sensual hues will create a vivid contrast with your teeth, amping up their natural whiteness.

6. Hot Pink

It’s easy to shy away from extravagantly bright colors like hot pink, but this hue can actually turn your smile into an automatic sparkle.

Hot pink functions much like cherry red or baby pink–it is eye-catching and stark, enough to draw out the white in your teeth.

7. Vivid Salmon

Vivid salmon is ideal for more modest lips still looking to highlight a beautiful smile. Think springtime shades with this particular color. Opt for lipsticks that remind you of tulips!

Be wary of salmons that come across as dull. The starker, the better when it comes to making your teeth shine.

Lipstick Shades That Will Make Your Teeth Whiter

Teeth whitening kits may be a long-term solution for achieving the white smile of your dreams. But lipstick can supplement your teeth whitening more powerfully than most realize.

Choose bright, daring lipstick shades to automatically whiten your teeth, such as hot pink, cherry red, and candy apple. For subtler looks that still do the trick, choose plum-based glosses or lipsticks with varying shades of baby pink.

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