Looking for ways to whiten teeth?

Summer has arrived and it’s the season of weddings, vacations, reunions, and great parties. No matter what occasions are filling your social calendar this year, everyone feels more confident with a white smile.

If you’re single and looking to mingle, the stakes are even higher. A recent study showed that 71% of women and 58% of men just potential partners by their teeth.

The problem is that professional teeth whitening can be expensive. As successful as home teeth whitening kits are, some people prefer to add some extra help or stick with more natural ways to whiten teeth. If that’s what you’re looking for, try these on for size.

Unconventional Ways to Whiten Teeth

To expand your cosmetic regimen, these are some unique tactics for teeth whitening.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the largest crazes in organic cosmetics, from skin care to teeth whitening. For glowing choppers, mix one part of apple cider vinegar with two parts of water. Swish the solution in your mouth for one minute (just like mouthwash) and spit it out.

2. Fruit Peels

This is one of the most unique teeth whitening methods we’ve heard. After enjoying a lemon, banana, or orange, rub the inside of the peel on your teeth for five minutes.

Next, leave the peel on your teeth for an additional five minutes before rinsing. Repeat this a few times each week.

3. Coconut Oil

While it isn’t exactly a fast teeth whitening method, coconut oil is said to have many oral health benefits.

You can use a practice called oil pulling. Put a tablespoon of the coconut oil in your mouth and hold it in your mouth, swishing occasionally, for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, spit it out and rinse.

Another method is to apply the coconut oil directly to your teeth and let it sit two minutes before rinsing.

4. Orange Oil

Essential oils are another powerful trend in organic healthcare, and they’ve reached the oral hygiene circuit as well. Simply mix two drops of orange essential oil into your toothpaste and brush your teeth as you normally would.

5. Activated Charcoal

If you spend time on social media, you’ve probably seen the videos and ads about charcoal for teeth whitening. It looks terrifying while you’re using it but its supporters swear by its effectiveness.

To use activated charcoal, tap a toothbrush (not your normal one) into the charcoal powder and use it as if you’re brushing your teeth. Rinse well, and then use your regular toothbrush and toothpaste to brush as you normally would.

6. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is another headliner in holistic medicine, and teeth whitening is another of its alleged benefits. Use water to mix the turmeric into a paste, then apply it to your teeth. Brush your teeth with the paste gently for three to four minutes.

When you’re finished, rinse well and then brush with regular toothpaste.

Reliable Teeth Whitening

The methods above can be fun to try, but there are also convenient teeth whitening products that are known to be effective. That’s why nearly 40% of Americans use them each year.

If you’re ready to step up your whitening game, learn more about our teeth whitening kits. For more helpful tips, contact our teeth whitening experts.